Important Information to get started!!! Please read!!!

Finally, finally, finally!!! After centuries I’ve made it!!! Hi, welcome to my first blog post on WordPress! My name is Noah M. Schultz, I am the owner of this blog and during my year abroad in Argentina this is the place where you can follow everything that will happen!

But before I get started, I would like to give you some information about the blog in general, so you know what you can expect, what my posts will be about, what my goals are, and so on:

  1. Maybe you have already noticed but I am kind of late with the release of my blog. I haven’t had enough time in Germany beforehand to create a website and the Internet in the children’s home, as well as in the whole village is a complete mess. Then there has also been my perfectionism problem, that caused me to work on tiny details of the website for hours and hours instead of just releasing a few posts. Which is the reason why I will already have spent a bit more than a month in Argentina when this post finally goes online. But don’t worry, I have a ton of ideas, that’s not the problem.
  2. In the first posts I will talk mostly about what has happened so far. The last weeks in Germany, the first impressions in Argentina, etc.. After that is finished I would like to talk about certain topics, for example which role men and women play in Argentinian society, the stories of the kids with whom I will be working with and much more.
  3. This blog will also exist in German. If you know German and are interested or you are German and somehow opened the English counterpart and want to go back, press the “Deutsch”-button above or klick on this link:
  4. Even though is in English, there might be a few tiny things written in German. This is because the main settings are set in German and WordPress won’t let me translate everything. Please feel free to use Google Translate (, to translate the few German words there might be. I don’t think it should be a big problem. If so, contact me and I’ll try to fix the problem somehow. When the time comes, and I feel more comfortable on WordPress, I might be able to switch the main settings for me to English, which will hopefully solve the problem!
  5. I’ve bought a camera a few weeks ago. So look forward to pictures, as well as Videos, if I find the time (!) and good enough Internet to produce and upload some clips.
  6. I don’t really have a lot of experience with writing and I’ve never been the best in school at bringing all of my thoughts neatly to paper, so please don’t expect the most eloquent articles of your lifetime. The same goes for my skills with web design. But don’t worry! I promise I will improve over time!
  7. If you have tips for improvement, questions, or want to kick my ass for not having written anything for quite some time, use the comment section or even better, send a mail to:
  8. And now the most important part! I will always try to be as objective as possible. Of course I know that that’s not entirely doable. Other than that, please be aware that I spend most of my time in the small village San Marcos Sierras. Which means, that if I say something about the people, the food, the landscape, whatever, do not automatically project my information on Argentina as a whole.


Well, that’s it for today! If I’ve forgotten anything, I will mention it later on!

In the next post I will talk about how I actually got the idea of going to Argentina and the first steps it took to go abroad for a year! That’ll be a long one!  Stay tuned! smiley


One thought on “Important Information to get started!!! Please read!!!

  1. Hi Noah! Congratulation for your block! It’s great to hear from you, and especially to hear that everything runs well.
    We wish a Happy New Year 2017, enjoy your trip and all the experience you get.
    Holger, Zaida, Jan

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